Built on the cloud and designed for mobile devices, SMART by GEP is a comprehensive procurement platform.
From sourcing to payments, spend analysis to savings tracking, SMART by GEP is powerful enough
to drive procurement for the entire enterprise and intuitive enough for everyone to use.




SMART by GEP video
Streamlined design, agile architecture and intuitive interfaces result in a sleek, flexible tool precision-engineered to look, feel and perform nimbly. Learn More

Innovation That Makes Sense

Type or Swipe on the Go
Optimized for mobile computing, SMART by GEP is the first and only comprehensive sourcing and procurement platform native to cloud, mobile and touch technologies

All Functionality in one Unified Platform
Fluid work and information flow on one complete sourcing and procurement platform – including spend analysis, savings tracking, sourcing, contract and supplier management and purchasing

Rich Knowledge Base
An extensive selection of field-tested, ready-to-use work and process flows, templates, tools, checklists and scorecards (includes innovations such category workbenches and three-click RFPs)

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The Story of SMART by GEP

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