Spend Analysis

SMART by GEP® cleanses, validates, classifies and reports spend data across disparate systems. The result is accurate, actionable information, with item-level visibility across the enterprise. That's critical to your procurement team's success in streamlining strategic sourcing waves, reducing maverick spend and realizing substantial cost savings.

Using artificial intelligence, proprietary algorithms and feedback from hundreds of complex engagements, SMART by GEP learns, continually sharpening its output against even the most idiosyncratic taxonomies.

All of which help SMART by GEP achieve an average classification accuracy of 95 percent or greater. SMART by GEP provides granular visibility, as well as consolidated views of spending trends and buying activities in remarkably easy-to-read, easy-to-use formats.

What's more, SMART by GEP identifies additional opportunities for savings using fresh market intelligence and real-world inputs from GEP's industry-leading strategic sourcing and consulting services teams. No other tool can provide that kind of tangible value-add.

Spend Analysis with SMART by GEP

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Understand spend quickly and easily. Move from line-item to enterprise-wide with a click. Optimize savings opportunities based on your sourcing strategy.

Our state-of-the-art reporting framework does a lot of heavy lifting, with artificial intelligence (A.I.) that sharpens its grasp of idiosyncratic taxonomies as you use it, boosting accuracy with every application. Saving opportunities are identified and delivered to you.


  • Auto aggregation, cleaning & normalization
  • Sourcing-focused taxonomies
  • UNSPSC, SIC-Code & enterprise-specific taxonomies
  • Enterprise-view to line-item view – and everything in between
  • Consolidated views of supplier spend with parent-child linkages
  • Flexible reports based on your preferences
  • Export, mail and schedule in any format