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Brooks Brothers Achieves Next-Level Source-to-Pay Performance with SMART by GEP

We recently spent some quality time with one of our customers and we talked about how procurement can make a difference in the way a business operates.

What was remarkable was the way in which they told us a few simple truths about the power of combining the right motivation with the right technology.


With yet another Summer of superhero action movies upon us, I find myself imagining a world where you could customize and configure your anatomy to make yourself bigger, faster, and stronger. Perhaps make yourself resistant to injury

The False Dogma of the Two-System Paradigm

There are a few things that procurement professionals know without hesitation:

Saving Big on Procurement Technology Implementations

Investing in a new software or technology platform is always a big decision. And, if the implementation isn't done right, it can do more harm than good. Read this post to learn how you can effectively implement new procurement technology or software, while saving on time, money and efforts.

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