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How Supplier Diversity Can Boost the Bottom Line

Just looking up from my desk, I see my Turkish manager, the Brazilian HR Director who hired me, the Chinese HR manager who makes sure I get paid, the Indian immigration attorney and British marketing director. Bringing different minds together under one roof creates an explosion of new ideas and ways of thinking that contribute toward making the business successful.

Catalogs vs. Search Engines; One Will Not Survive

Just like RFPs and contracts are integral to procurement, so are catalogs – they help one choose the right product or service to fulfil enterprise requirements. Everyone who has ever used a P2P system, at some point, has scrolled through catalogs.

Robotic Automation or A New Liberation?

Giving technologies human names can be problematic. Especially for those people whose names have been appropriated by the device manufacturers. I do wonder, for example, how many Alexas around the world are irritated by certain recent developments. But it’s a practice that works, especially when the new technology is emulating some aspect of human behavior.


In an earlier post, we established the importance of simplified and satisfying enterprise technology experiences as being the primary drivers of user happiness, acceptance and adoption. Rightly so — strong UI/UX (user interface/experience) and a sublime customer journey are after all the way to every user’s heart. But is it safe to bank on beauty and usability alone?

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