Spend Management

Spend Management Defined

In its broadest sense, the definition should be obvious to all: spend management is the management of spend. But that self-referential form of explanation is really of little help. More specifically, it can be thought of as the catch-all term for a set of techniques, processes and systems that can be deployed in an effort to bring spend under management.

When Source-to-Pay Becomes Touch-to-Save

The wider world of personal spend management is becoming easier, touchless, automatic and thus free from hassle and effort, while spend management in today’s complex global business remains a disjointed, disconnected set of systems, departments and decisions.

Improving the User Experience: What Users Want

Forgiveness and empathy are two words procurement software providers don’t usually use when describing the process for developing source-to-pay and procure-to-pay applications. They’re more likely to speak in terms of functionality and capability. But such human expressions are important to users, how they interact with software, and ultimately, a company’s return on investment (ROI). More business-to-business software providers are starting to think in terms of the user experience. But, as users see it, they are a bit behind their business-to-consumer counterparts. For years now, consumers have been able to easily shop online for everything from books and music to airline tickets and hotel rooms. They’re able to complete the acquisition process in a few clicks – including paying for the items – without having to refer to a manual or consult a help desk. Users want this same experience from the applications they use at work. A blog post at My Purchasing Center.

The Spend Uncertainty Principle

Sometimes the certainties in life can suddenly seem anything but. We’re not talking here about the classical “death and taxes” certainties attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but those things known to be “just so,” turning out to have a surprising degree of fuzziness about them. Take the geometry we all learn at school. Despite however many intervening years there may be between school days and the present, I’d wager a good percentage of procurement professionals could still offer an instant answer when asked for the formula for how to calculate the circumference of a circle. A blog post at Spend Matters.

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