Supplier Management


Before the middle of the 18th century, one of the most powerful nations in Europe, indeed the world, was Sweden. With a strong military and a sizable population of around 20 million, Sweden rivalled Great Britain and France in both reach and heft. Or so the Swedish authorities believed. Then, triggered by a significant economic downturn, in 1749 the Swedish authorities conducted their first comprehensive census to find out what their economy should look like and discovered, to their horror, that the population of the country totaled no more than 2 million. Less than 10 percent of previous estimates.

The Politics of Performance Analysis

The Internet and social media have made it easy to make decisions – right from buying a new device to choosing a restaurant, online reviews can help you decide and choose. But can you really trust online reviews when it comes to choosing your suppliers or evaluating their performance?

Disaster ‘There’ Doesn’t Mean Business is Safe ‘Here’

Risky business is more than a movie title … When disaster strikes, whether natural like the recent Japanese earthquakes, or man-made like the Bangladesh apparel factory collapse, the immediate concern is the lives of those affected.

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