Supplier Management

3 Essential Capabilities in Supplier Master Data Management Software

Efficient master data management (MDM) is vital for the success of any enterprise looking to create a competitive edge through more informed, data-backed decisions.

How Procurement Impacted the Race to a Trillion-Dollar Valuation

As you may have heard, read or seen (everywhere), Apple just became the first company with a one trillion-dollar market capitalization. They were in a heated race with fellow innovators, Amazon and Microsoft. These three companies are ingrained in our way of life and will likely continue to be for the foreseeable future.

How Supplier Diversity Can Boost the Bottom Line

Just looking up from my desk, I see my Turkish manager, the Brazilian HR Director who hired me, the Chinese HR manager who makes sure I get paid, the Indian immigration attorney and British marketing director. Bringing different minds together under one roof creates an explosion of new ideas and ways of thinking that contribute toward making the business successful.


Before the middle of the 18th century, one of the most powerful nations in Europe, indeed the world, was Sweden. With a strong military and a sizable population of around 20 million, Sweden rivalled Great Britain and France in both reach and heft. Or so the Swedish authorities believed. Then, triggered by a significant economic downturn, in 1749 the Swedish authorities conducted their first comprehensive census to find out what their economy should look like and discovered, to their horror, that the population of the country totaled no more than 2 million. Less than 10 percent of previous estimates.

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