Robotic Process Automation – Will It Take Our Jobs or Make Them Better?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA); for some, it spells a technological coming of age that’s set to make work easier for all humankind. For others, it’s the feared job-stealing reaper from their worst nightmares… made real!

Think Again: Is Robotics Limited to Automating the Mundane?

How many of us, a decade back, would have imagined that there would come a day when machines, much like a Beethoven or Mozart, would write original songs? Or like a Picasso, wield the brush to create a masterpiece? But it is very much a reality today. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is making the seemingly unthinkable thinkable.

How Supplier Diversity Can Boost the Bottom Line

Just looking up from my desk, I see my Turkish manager, the Brazilian HR Director who hired me, the Chinese HR manager who makes sure I get paid, the Indian immigration attorney and British marketing director. Bringing different minds together under one roof creates an explosion of new ideas and ways of thinking that contribute toward making the business successful.

Catalogs vs. Search Engines; One Will Not Survive

Just like RFPs and contracts are integral to procurement, so are catalogs – they help one choose the right product or service to fulfil enterprise requirements. Everyone who has ever used a P2P system, at some point, has scrolled through catalogs.

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