Copenhagen Airport Launches Procurement Transformation with SMART by GEP

Denmark’s Copenhagen Airport has been flying high in recent years. Travelers vouch for its attractiveness, efficient handling of security, and its wide array of shopping and culinary options. The bustling airport handles over 80,000 passengers and 730 flights on any given day. Its passenger traffic is expected to double by 2020.

Let the Machines Manage Your Stuff — Internet of Things, Blockchain and Asset Tagging

The problem of asset traceability and ownership for procurement services will be solved, like most challenges, with new ideas and reimagining how we use technology — specifically, connecting assets in the supply chain with the internet.

A.I. In Action: The Not-Quite-Yet Rise of Chatbots

What will it take for chatbots to become a life-changing tool for those of us involved in procurement and supply chain logistics? Chatbots are artificial intelligence in action, freeing up valuable resources as they provide information and conduct transactions without human involvement. Because interactions with a bot don’t always go perfectly — words can be misinterpreted or mispronounced — we cannot jump on the chatbot bandwagon completely.

If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It Anyway

I read recently that NASA is still flying aircraft from the 1940s as part of a long-term science program. This is surprising on two levels. On the one hand, these aircraft are still airworthy. Is it that they built them to last in those days? One hardly thinks so, given what they were built for. Without being too morbid about it, World War II bombers weren’t really designed with a view that they’d still be operational many decades later.

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