5 Procurement Software Myths... and Truths

There are a lot of messages that all procurement software vendors convey, and recently it’s become clear that not all stories that sound the same are actually representing the same underlying facts.

What is Procurement and How Can Software Help?

The question, “what is procurement?” is a relative one. It can mean different things to different people depending on the time of the day and what role of your life you are enacting in that instance.

Are You Leveraging the Latest Trends for Procurement in the Cloud?

The data and software that once required dedicated and complicated physical space has begun to migrate to cloud systems that are easier to access, more mobile and faster than ever. Procurement professionals should take note as they will no doubt be a growing part of business trends in the cloud.

Spend Management Defined

In its broadest sense, the definition should be obvious to all: spend management is the management of spend. But that self-referential form of explanation is really of little help. More specifically, it can be thought of as the catch-all term for a set of techniques, processes and systems that can be deployed in an effort to bring spend under management.

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