The Gold Standard for Contracts

It is a curious statement that appears on British bank notes. “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of [whatever denomination the note is].” Who is this promise made to and by whom exactly? One might be forgiven for thinking that the promise is one that the holder of the note is making to part with it on demand in return for goods or services.

Disaster ‘There’ Doesn’t Mean Business is Safe ‘Here’

Risky business is more than a movie title … When disaster strikes, whether natural like the recent Japanese earthquakes, or man-made like the Bangladesh apparel factory collapse, the immediate concern is the lives of those affected.

Cloud vs. On-Premise: Why Not Both?

Wherever supply chain folks gather, be it at a seminar, a trade show or over drinks at a networking event, the talk eventually will turn to risk. Maybe it’s shoddy work from a supplier, IP theft, climate disaster or political unrest. More and more, though, cyber security is dominating the conversation.

Welcome to the star-chip enterprise

Welcome to the star-chip enterprise… In what seemed at first like a slightly-delayed April 1st prank, the news recently was full of a story of a $100M research project into developing the first interstellar spacecraft. In the plural. Around a thousand of them. Each just a microchip weighing just a few grams.

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