If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It Anyway

I read recently that NASA is still flying aircraft from the 1940s as part of a long-term science program. This is surprising on two levels. On the one hand, these aircraft are still airworthy. Is it that they built them to last in those days? One hardly thinks so, given what they were built for. Without being too morbid about it, World War II bombers weren’t really designed with a view that they’d still be operational many decades later.

The Great Procurement Makeover

As portmanteau words go, "makeover" is one of the more interesting, with a couple of somewhat opposed meanings. In its popular culture context, it’s a familiar concept. The application of a new layer of color and design creates a transformation of a house, a face or an entire neighborhood.

When Jarvis Meets Alfred

Marvel and DC have a novel way to predict what our near future would look like in 2050 and beyond. Let’s consider the work of Stark Industries and Wayne Enterprises. Both are technology organizations — one develops and manufactures advanced weapon and defense technologies, and the other is a military defense contractor that has dozens of umbrella companies involved across multiple sectors.

Walking Toward Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is what I call an “industry on juice.” A new emerging smart industry that would reshape industrial trends and technologies. Management gurus have been taking a shot at defining Industry 4.0 in different ways, and mostly, they have been accurate. Now, if we are taking a step beyond generic definitions, it should lead us to the application and implementation of a smart industry. This I believe can bring about, or in some cases, has already brought about a paradigm change in the way industries operate.

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