The Trouble with Big Data

The growth of information that is stored (and yet remains retrievable) outpaces Moore's Law by a considerable factor and thus the promise of trawling the data for insight, value and intelligence becomes not just an enticing possibility but a technical challenge.

On the Road to "Driverless" Automation

For years Supply Chain Management Technology companies have been striving to achieve automation in spend analysis. Today we use Artificial Intelligence with great results and without human interaction; but, they somehow struggle when applying the Artificial Intelligence to the data received overall, as data itself includes errors.

D-Day Remembered: How Did They Do that Without Software?

It’s kind of difficult to imagine how the logistics was pulled off without the aid of today’s planning, sourcing and procurement software. You think you’ve got a tough job? Even with two years or so to plan it was a daunting task.

Homer Simpson isn’t real, you know?

For the first time, and quite remarkably, The Simpsons was recently broadcast live. Think about it. That’s an extraordinary thing. An animated show, created originally in the classic mode of artist-drawn cells frame after frame, is now being broadcast live, in real time. The computing power necessary to combine motion-capture and real-time rendering, even for a basic animation form is simply staggering, and actually the subtleties in The Simpsons make it far from basic, really.

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