Conference Details

Conference Details 

Keynote Speakers

GEP Innovate ’19 includes an Amazing Roster of Keynote Speakers:

Indra Nooyi

Former CEO, PepsiCo

Gen. Colin Powell

USA Retd., Former Secretary of State

Rohan Kumar

CVP, Microsoft Azure Data

Subhash Makhija

CEO & Co-Founder, GEP

Customer Keynote Case Studies

Kevin Ruffcorn


Randy Lia


Rick Fournier


Industry Speakers

Dawn Tiura

President and CEO, Sourcing Industry Group (SIG)

Deitra Curry


Lauren Gretz


Karen Rhee

University of California

Strategic CPO Discussion Panel

Procurement industry veteran Rick Hughes will host a discussion of top CPOs who will share their insights and vision for the future of procurement and supply chain.

Analyst Sessions

GEP Innovate ’19 will showcase thought-leadership presentations from leading industry analysts and experts

A Wealth of High Value Sessions

GEP Innovate ’19 will include a broad range of sessions designed to suit all attendees, from strategic to tactical business to deep-data technical.


  1. Supply Chain and Procurement Technology Innovations: Showcasing the latest developments in Machine Learning and Cognitive computing and how they apply to digital procurement and supply chain operations
  2. AI-Powered Should-Cost Models: They have Arrived & Are Ready to Transform Your Organization
  3. The Next Generation: Budget to Pay:Learn about how to extend procurement’s reach beyond todays activities
  4. Best Practices in Global Rollouts: Take advantage of the experiences of consultants and customers as they discuss the highs and lows of deploying global projects
  5. Latest Technology Developments:Highlights of the innovations underway for the next generation of procurement and supply chain software

SMART by GEP Product Advisory Roundtables:

Find out about the latest developments, best practices and roadmap for SMART by GEP in all the main functions, including

User Persona Based Experience

Introducing Dimension: SMART by GEP's New User Engagement and Experience

Learn how GEP is using data-driven design to bring you Dimension — a user-persona based experience that enhances productivity and reduces cycle time. With Dimension, each user's journey is streamlined eliminating rote tasks and the noise of unnecessary decision points. Dimension orchestrates each persona-based journey while applying your organization's compliance guardrails.Discover how affordance, consistency, and predictability play a role in this new experience.

Machine-Learning-Based Spend Visibility and Reporting

Visibility and Metrics - Holistic Insights for Better, Faster Decision Making

Organizations taking advantage of Spend Analytics tools reap higher levels of savings and upwards of 40% contract compliance over organizations in the dark about their data. Learn how Spend Visibility and Reporting capabilities on SMART by GEP help guide you to apply insights gained from the SMART by GEP Spend Analytics tool for each phase of the procurement cycle, and why it should be the hub of your procurement operations.

Operational Procurement

The Future of Procurement:

Get an intimate session on new features, upcoming releases and the future of P2O on SMART by GEP with Kevin Bonsall - Senior Manager of Product, P2O. Participants will engage in a review of capabilities released in the last year, as well as how they can provide value to you and your organization. The open forum experience will provide an interactive review and discussion of the roadmap, and where your P2O technology is headed.

Category Workbench and Sourcing

Level-Up on Strategy with SMART by GEP

Learn why the SMART by GEP Category Workbench is the new Command Center for driving your organization's growth. Join Product Manager Pooja Patel and Product Leader Rese Cleaver for an open forum style discussion on Strategic Sourcing Technology on the SMART by GEP platform and see how the addition of Category Workbench to the SMART by GEP Platform to achieve your supply chain management goals, while achieving a new level of productivity and visibility.

Contract Management

Next Gen Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Learn how GEP is transforming CLM to provide a risk-adverse hub for your organization’s contracts, from initiation to close-out. GEP’s Product Leaders walk through the design pillars of this new wave of contract management that instills organizational compliance guardrails and a user experience with data-driven decision support at its heart.


Cost Center to Profit Center - A/P Technologies on SMART by GEP

A/P Product Industry leader Dmitriy Lerman talks about how SMART by GEP’s Invoice and Payment Management reduces processing costs and increases payment discounts. Dmitriy discusses how SMART by GEP gives finance and operations efficiency at a level no ERP can give your organization.

Supplier Risk and Supplier Performance Management

Creating a Supplier Ecosystem of Confidence - Supplier Risk Management Technologies

Discover how SMART by GEP's Risk Management capabilities put your supply chain against corporate requirements to ensure each and every supplier is operating to standard. GEP Product Leadership discusses how SMART by GEP harnesses and contextualizes multi-source inputs to ensure business continuity and productivity.

This session highlights how Supplier Performance Management and Master Data Management technologies allows you to uncover hidden value and reduce risk of failure. Walk through the new game-changing capabilities that support your value stream, plus what's on the horizon.