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2016 Purchase-to-Pay for Mobile Report

2016 Purchase-to-Pay for Mobile Report

Modern day, mobile purchase-to-pay systems increase processing efficiencies and offer flexibility to procurement pros like never before. These systems allow anytime, anywhere access and can not only be used to view past transactions but also to engage in fresh, real-time transactions and purchases.

But with it comes the question of whether these tools are robust enough to boost performance without sacrificing company security or employee efficiency?

The 2016 Purchase-to-Pay for Mobile Report by PayStream Advisors and GEP, highlights the ways in which mobile P2P technology solution providers ensure security and control over company data. This report also explores how mobile P2P solutions improve back-office processes, modernize the workforce and help tighten up lax company policies.

Inside the Report

  • Current Trends in Today’s Mobile Workforce
  • The Benefits of Mobile Applications for P2P Processes
  • Types and Features of Mobile P2P Applications

A must-read report for all procurement and supply chain pros looking to drive higher value from mobile P2P technology solutions and deliver enhanced efficiency. Download your complimentary copy now.

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