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The Drive to an Automated World: Is It the End of the Road for Procurement?

The Drive to an Automated World

Automation is inevitable – you need it to improve the ease and efficiencies of mundane, monotonous processes to drive productivity and savings. But is complete automation the solution to every procurement challenge? An instinctive response could be “YES!” But think again.

With complete automation, would we continue to be as innovative, or will it take away a bit of our flexibility? Imagine algorithms negotiating with each other – most discussions would hit a state of stalemate.

In this thought provoking white paper, “The Drive to an Automated World: Is It the End of the Road for Procurement?” GEP’s experts attempt to answer these questions and more, as they envision the impact of automation on procurement. In addition, it highlights the best approach to ensure that procurement automation delivers sustainable value today and in the future.

A must-read for savvy procurement pros looking to drive greater efficiency and performance through procurement automation. Download your complimentary copy today.