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GEP Outlook 2020: Essential Trends and Impacts in Business and Technology

2020 — when you say it out loud, “twenty-twenty,” it’s not just the new year; it’s also the shorthand for perfect vision. From a business standpoint, wouldn’t it be nice to have 20/20 in 2020 — a sharp, clear view of trends and best practices that will help enterprises thrive and compete in the new decade?

GEP helps to provide this clarity with the eighth edition of its annual business trend report, GEP Outlook 2020 for Procurement and Supply Chain Management. With a focus on value creation and cost impacts, this thorough, wide-ranging report provides valuable guidance for C-suite leaders seeking to steer their enterprises through choppy waters to new levels of growth and innovation.

Why Read It:

  • Pivotal global business and macroeconomic trends
  • The state of digital transformation and new value-driving technologies
  • Seven key areas where leaders need to focus their awareness

A must-have resource for executives who want to make the right decisions and achieve success in the 2020s and beyond.