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Securing Procurement in the Cloud of Tomorrow


Data security is one of the biggest challenges for enterprises today, across industries and geographies. Traditional, on-premise applications provide the scale, speed and stability necessary to manage business processes more efficiently. But they lack the robust security framework and infrastructure required to combat today’s sophisticated cyber threats. Upgrades and security retrofits are expensive and often fall short of the level of protection required to prevent or defend cyberattacks.

The cloud offers a flexible and more effective alternative to on-premise applications, allowing enterprises to manage their core as well as non-core business processes more efficiently and protect their data from internal as well as external security threats.

In this exclusive white paper, “SECURING PROCUREMENT IN THE CLOUD OF TOMORROW,” experts from GEP discuss the key security benefits and advantages of a cloud-based procurement technology solution over an on-premise application and why enterprises must consider moving all their procurement processes to the cloud.

A must-read for procurement professionals looking to boost efficiencies and strengthen the organization’s data security framework. Download your complimentary copy now.