Blanket Order

Reduce costs and boost your buying power with GEP SMARTTM. Leading enterprises worldwide use GEP SMART’s blanket order functionality to effectively manage recurring, pre-specified purchases and drive higher purchasing compliance. Artificial intelligence powered GEP SMART analyses purchasing trends with each supplier and recommends consolidation of multiple purchases into a single blanket order and provides insights for procurement teams to negotiate buying terms.

Just like catalogs, users can access blanket purchase order agreements from GEP SMART’s central repository and initiate purchase from any department at any enterprise location. With robust approval routings and streamlined blanket order workflows, enterprises can significantly improve their purchasing efficiency and shorten purchasing lead time. Results? Leaner operations and improved inventory management.

And, it doesn’t end there  being a unified procurement platform, GEP SMART continuously monitors every blanket purchase order in the system, matches it with spend data to ensure compliance with the purchasing terms and mitigates the risk of overspending.

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