Hosted Catalogs

With electronic catalogs that host supplier data within SMART by GEP, you will never have to look beyond your procurement software to browse a plethora of products from multiple suppliers, and place orders right off the bat. SMART by GEP’s hosted catalogs contain the most basic details about a supplier’s product, such as the product name, description, quality specifications, price and quantities available for purchase.

SMART by GEP captures a vast amount and variety of supplier data, loads it onto the unified e-procurement platform and makes it available to buyers via hosted catalogs. Alternatively, suppliers can create catalogs using a standardized template and upload it onto the software system, following review and approval from customers. Users can then search, browse and add products to their shopping cart in a consumer-like purchase experience.

SMART by GEP’s hosted catalogs are easy to create, maintain and update, and provide a great degree of control over the indexed items. Any alteration or modification to item data is instantly made visible, benefitting both suppliers and buyers.

SMART by GEP’s hosted catalogs are designed to be entirely managed from directly within the platform, eliminating the need to establish clunky, complicated e-commerce systems or rely on third-party operators. They are the quickest and easiest way to add searchable content into SMART by GEP, making it easier for suppliers to sell more and for enterprises to buy better.

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