Accounting Information

Successful requisition-to-payment processes have always required much human intervention, and this makes them susceptible to data entry errors. Often, users omit key information from a requisition or purchase order (PO) owing to time constraints, basic oversight or because the correct codes were not known.

However, such information is often essential for the accounts payable (AP) team to be able to process the order or assign and approve the invoice. Simple invoices become laborious to handle and complex invoicing leaves AP departments stressed under an administrative burden while long approval processes caused by data omissions become pain points and further delay supplier payment, making life difficult for everyone.

GEP SMARTTM offers improved order-to-payment management by ensuring delivery of critical accounting information to the AP team. Through roles, rules and category defaults, GEP SMART can automatically populate the requisition and PO with the correct accounting information without the end user having to seek out codes.

Automatic capture and processing prepare invoices for payment without delay. The degree of configurability of the rules makes it possible for your enterprise to achieve outstanding step-changes in efficiency without having to introduce new processes or systems. So, you can rest assured that your AP team will always capture the right data needed to correctly process and assign spend in the purchase ledger.

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