Catalog Management Software Solution – SMART by GEP

Catalogs are more than just lists of items available for purchase. Catalogs can be a critical part of the purchasing process in delivering ultimate realized savings. When your buyers are looking to purchase vital supplies, their main concern is: “I need these items, when can they be here?” This is far removed from your strategic concerns about category savings targets.
That’s why you need a purchasing system that offers the easiest way for your colleagues to buy the goods and services they need. If your procurement software isn’t easy to use or intuitive, and requires your buyers to run through a maze of complex tools and forms, they might avoid using it or not use it all. That means more off-contract, non-compliant and maverick spend. With your savings performance linked directly to compliance and contract utilization, what you need is a procure-to-pay system with a consumer-like shopping interface that’s intuitive enough for your buyers to use.

SMART by GEP's procurement software solution brings everything together in one place, making it easy for buyers to purchase the goods and services they want, when they want – just like they would on a consumer shopping portal. Users can select from visual, content-rich, pre-approved catalogs, without worrying about compliance or approvals. But that’s not all. With punch-out catalogs, your buyers can purchase directly from your supplier’s ecommerce portal — if they want — all from within SMART by GEP. They can compare across different suppliers or lines, fill shopping carts, and place easily trackable purchase orders.