Purchase Order Tracking System

From requisition to invoice payment, SMART by GEP handles the full procure-to-pay process and gives complete visibility of the progress of your purchase orders at all times. Buyers can track the status of their requisition — from submission through multi-stage approval, through flipping into a purchase order, submission to the supplier, acknowledgement by the supplier, to advanced shipping notice (ASN), and finally the invoice.

Once the goods or services are received, the receipt can be created manually, flipped from the order or even from the invoice. Throughout the process, everything is visible, trackable and reportable. Category managers can report on contract utilization, supplier managers can report on contract compliance, category buyers can report on purchasing activity, and the CPO has oversight of the entire process.

And because everything is trackable and visible, there are no follow-up emails, frequent reminders, or status requests from buyers and other stakeholders. Now doesn’t that make things easy for your procurement team?