Procurement Savings Project Collaboration Platform

SMART by GEP is designed to enhance collaboration. Whether you need to work with a team of peers, direct a group of employees, serve a group of internal stakeholder customers, or negotiate with an audience of suppliers, SMART by GEP gives you the control and capabilities needed to create that collaborative space.

Take, for example, your strategic sourcing projects. You may own the category and have responsibility for the savings, but you have colleagues, stakeholders, buyers, requestors, attorneys and suppliers, each of whom plays a part in the successful delivery of your savings targets.

SMART by GEP lets you assign appropriate roles to each of these stakeholders. Collaborate on creating focused and precise RFPs, co-author contracts and ensure that you get full legal oversight. Assign tasks and deliverables to your team members throughout the life of a savings project.

With SMART by GEP, everything is recorded and can be reported on. Use your savings dashboard to monitor progress, and easily create and share reports with colleagues to keep all the stakeholders on target.

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