Real-Time Procurement Savings Visibility

Knowing you can deliver greater savings in your category over the next two years is one thing. Actually realizing those savings requires focused effort, collaboration and careful management. But that’s not the end. Getting the realized savings validated and signed-off by the finance team is another thing altogether.

From concept to execution to realization, SMART by GEP provides full ongoing visibility of the performance of all your savings projects. Throughout the life of the project, you can define the milestones and waypoints at which you can report and receive validation of your realized savings. Tracking your results against plans, reporting to your stakeholders and achieving sign-off at each stage will help you deliver against your targets.

SMART by GEP offers complete savings visibility across all your procurement processes — from identifying savings opportunities, through negotiation and appointment of key suppliers, to purchasing and invoice management. So you can chart the course to savings and steer your project toward success, from beginning to end.

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