Procurement Savings Dashboard

Managing savings from procurement processes is rarely a straightforward process. Usually there are multiple strategic sourcing projects running in parallel, each intended to deliver savings to the overall target.

By category, region, or line of business, and with numerous different permutations of strategy, scope and scale, savings projects become complex and difficult to track. SMART by GEP gives you complete visibility of all your savings projects, across the enterprise. From a global view, you can drill down and filter the savings dashboard to reveal any set of savings projects and gain insights into performance against plan, down to individual savings projects.

The savings dashboard gives you an instant overview of savings performance, wherever you are and whatever device you are using. But not just that, SMART by GEP lets you delve deeper into the projected savings for even better insights. With SMART by GEP’s advanced analytical reporting capabilities, you can create any report, any graph, any chart from your strategic sourcing projects and publish each report to your team.

SMART by GEP not only gives you the power to manage multiple savings projects at one time, but also gives you complete, granular visibility as you drive each project from planning to realization.

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