Seamless Source-to-Pay Process Flow

SMART by GEP is a unified procurement platform. What it means is that strategy and planning, sourcing, contracting, and purchasing, don’t have to be carried out in different tools. Disjointed, disconnected and needing lots of manual inputs at each stage, conventional sourcing and procurement software requires a lot of heavy lifting. Now, that’s not how it should be.

SMART by GEP is a unified procurement platform.

When you’ve decided on a savings target and a strategy, you want to execute on that strategy by running your sourcing waves, taking the winning suppliers through the contract process and then buying from those suppliers according to the terms of the contract. SMART by GEP lets you do just that with a unified source-to-pay process and integrated workflow.

Identify savings opportunities using SMART by GEP’s spend analysis functions and then create saving projects from those opportunities. The sourcing events you need to run to achieve the savings are permanently connected to the projects and, as each sourcing event turns into an award, you can launch a contract directly from the award. Negotiate the contract terms and, at the point of signature, push it into a catalog in SMART by GEP’s procure-to-pay function at the click of a button.

From strategy to sourcing to contracting to purchasing. One process, one software, one solution — SMART by GEP.

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