Supplier Market Intelligence for Sourcing

In SMART by GEP, your supplier database and your sourcing database are one and the same. When you look at a supplier record, you can see all your past sourcing activity with the supplier. You can even look at a sourcing event to dive into each supplier’s details, whenever you want. SMART by GEP gives you instant access to detailed supplier profiles, including scorecards and past performance data.

Often, RFXs contain standard questions for suppliers that they have to answer again, even if they have done business with you in the past. This not only inconveniences your suppliers, but also increases the workload on your sourcing team as it has to check and recheck the same information from the same suppliers, multiple times.

But with SMART by GEP's sourcing software solutions, you have a new way of doing things. By separating the steps of supplier registration and RFP, you can ensure that the sourcing part of the process remains focused, targeted and easy to manage, while still ensuring that new suppliers are correctly assessed, categorized and validated. 

When selecting suppliers for inclusion in a sourcing event, you can search and analyze the supplier database at any time, right up to the point where you add the suppliers to the RFX. You can even add suppliers with whom you have never done business in the past to your RFX. SMART by GEP will onboard new suppliers through your predefined supplier registration, enrolment and categorization process, before it opens up the RFX for them. Meanwhile, you can invite existing suppliers at the same time, but take them straight to the RFX.

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