Automatic Data Cleansing and Validation

The secret to effective spend analysis lies not in what type of graphs and reports you can create based on your spend data, but in the accuracy and reliability of that raw data. Reporting, based on incomplete, erroneous and unreliable spend data is a definite recipe for disaster.

SMART by GEP ensures that the spend analysis reports you generate are as trustworthy as they are intuitive. The key differentiator of SMART by GEP’s spend analysis functionality is how your spend data is classified and validated, based on your rules.

Working to your choice of taxonomy and spend data validation rules, SMART by GEP procurement software combines patented artificial intelligence, and a vast set of data models based on billions of transactions and industry-leading human category expertise, to create an holistic understanding of your organization’s spend data.

With each data refresh, the cleansing, classification and validation process is accelerated as our system increases its understanding of your data. SMART by GEP rapidly achieves extremely high levels of classification accuracy to help you create and share reports with absolute confidence that what you have is a complete and reliable view of your spend.

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