The benefits of SMART by GEP for suppliers

The benefits of SMART by GEP for suppliers

SMART by GEP is designed to make working with your customers as easy as possible. In fact, when you log into SMART by GEP you are logging in to the same system as your customers — everyone gets the same view of the truth.
Whether you are responding to a request for information, accepting and acknowledging purchase orders or submitting invoices, SMART by GEP is simple and easy to use. You can keep your records up to date, share important certification documents with your customers and respond to surveys and questionnaires, any time and on any device.
Spend Analysis ToolCompletely Free

Completely free. No charges for suppliers to transact on the SMART by GEP portal

Savings Tracking ToolSingle Portal

Provides a single portal for all interactions with your customers

Sourcing ToolTracking and Visibility

Increased transaction tracking and visibility

Contract Management Tool Paperless Transactions

Paperless transactions all in one place, reducing overall costs

Supplier Management ToolOnline Repository

Online repository of all documents

Purchasing Tool Simplifies Collaboration

Simplifies collaboration with your customers

Purchasing Tool Faster Payment

Ensures faster payment

Purchasing ToolContract Compliance

Encourages more contract compliance and delivers better relationships

Purchasing Tool Self-Service

Self-service tools to upload catalog files or to manage punchout credentials, complete with buyer workflow approval routing

Purchasing ToolFocused Training

Full subject-focused training provided for suppliers including registration and getting started

Purchasing ToolHelp Desk

24x5 email and phone help desk for any questions or requests. No cost to the supplier