Supplier Information Management System

How much do you know about your suppliers today? Do you have all the supplier information you need? If you don’t, how do you find that information; how do you capture all that supplier data for later use? What about future requirements? Do you know what new information you will need from your suppliers a few years down the line?

The obvious things are easy. Contact information, financials and registration numbers are a given. But what about risk factors? Social media profiles? Corporate, environmental and legal responsibilities. How about insurance and regulatory certifications? Not to mention labor relations and employment practices. All these and more can change over time. And chances are your accounts payable and ERP systems can handle only a tiny fraction of all that information. What’s more, as you adopt new practices yourselves, it is likely that you would expect the same from your suppliers, and that means even more data to manage.
SMART by GEP gives you the power to manage supplier information like never before. With unlimited scope to capture information about your suppliers using SMART by GEP’s forms and scorecard capabilities, you can build comprehensive records for each supplier, without being restricted to the predefined fields in your ERP or AP system.
SMART by GEP also gives you full reporting and analysis capabilities, so you can easily identify which suppliers comply with your requirements, no matter how often they change.

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