You have information about your suppliers and you’re measuring their behavior, performance and adherence to the terms of their contract with you. But how do you actively manage that relationship? Knowing that your suppliers are underperforming is one thing. Helping them get back on track is something else. When things go wrong or when you're looking to further enhance supplier performance, you need to have an effective mechanism for handling the process. 

SMART by GEP features comprehensive supplier relationship management functionality to give you a structured and visible way to mediate poor performance and proactively improve relations — simply, transparently and fairly.

Effective supplier relationship management needs active interaction and collaboration between you and your suppliers. To enable this, you need an effective governance structure, the right supplier engagement model, and a number of focused, joint activities. 

SMART by GEP lets you define the actions plans, assign the stakeholders and measure the results for all your supplier engagements. Each plan can incorporate many actions with different stakeholders, building to a comprehensive plan for supplier relationship improvement. With a simple, effective mechanism in place to manage your supplier relationships, you can move on to the next critical thing – supplier-driven innovation.

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