How Will AI Transform Operations for Procurement Professionals?

It’s another Monday at the office and you have been running through your to-dos for the day in your head all morning. Just as you get settled at your desk, your boss emerges with a request. She is asking for numbers on the total spend with your top services provider “and any other relevant info of use,” she to present at the board meeting this afternoon.

How Disruptive Technologies Will Transform the Future of Procurement

The rise of cutting-edge, disruptive technologies is changing the face of procurement. Intelligent automation that uses sophisticated intelligences such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Smart Bots are redefining the future of procurement technology.

Traditional vs. E-Procurement: How Technology Has Helped Transform the Function

In its journey of maturity, procurement has gone through dramatic changes, evolving from a tactical function to a digitalized, strategic process. In the traditional process of procurement, the function was managed manually, depending heavily on Excel sheets, paperwork, as well as phone calls and in-person conversations.

Top 5 Technology Trends That Are Reshaping Supply Chain Software

Today’s supply chain needs to be flexible and agile, capable of responding quickly and positively to sudden changes — and that cannot be achieved through piecemeal supply chain management software and tools deployed at different times to manage different processes.

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