Native to Cloud

Flexibility, scalability and security – without any integration costs and snarls. Cloud computing delivers power and performance with the freedom to work anytime, from anywhere. But what makes cloud-hosted applications better?  Is it the capex savings — your choice of applications, hosted by your supplier instead of behind your firewall? Or the ongoing maintenance costs?

In fact, it’s a whole lot more than that. Cloud has superseded the old software-as-a-service (SaaS) model where your supplier’s vulnerabilities became yours. You not only had to spend a lot of time and effort selecting the right software, but also had to carry out the due diligence of the vendor’s IT infrastructure.

True cloud computing takes SaaS to the next level. At GEP, we have partnered with Microsoft to take advantage of their world-class cloud infrastructure — Azure. GEP SMART resides in the market-leading Azure cloud platform and our customers know that wherever they are, whatever scale and complexity they need from their procurement platform, Microsoft Azure is fully capable to deliver the desired power and performance.

Performance on Demand

Upscaling performance to deal with a growing procurement practice is no longer a matter of specifying and acquiring new servers, you can simply get the performance you need from your cloud application — on demand. Need your data to be restricted to a specific region? No problem, we can configure that too – even on the fly.

Cloud lets you operate at a scale that a behind-the-firewall software can never match. GEP SMART is built completely in the cloud and, as a multi-tenant procurement software platform, delivers far more bang for your buck than any standalone system. Your procurement tools become more accessible without the hassles of VPNs and remote access. 

All your business information and intelligence is highly secure inside GEP SMART, with no email-based sharing of vital reports that can lead to leakage of sensitive information. Your supplier relationships are stronger with full collaboration access — from RFP to invoice — in one, easy to use, globally accessible procurement system.


Microsoft Azure PlatformMicrosoft Azure Platform
Microsoft Azure Platform

The open, flexible Microsoft Azure platform enables quick and hassle-free deployment. Multiple levels of physical security and access control, and state-of-the-art recoverability capabilities at the datacenters ensure that your data is always secure

Freedom from DowntimeFreedom from Downtime
Freedom from Downtime

GEP SMART is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, with state-of-the-art datacenters and multiple layers of redundancy, that delivers a 99.95 percent monthly uptime SLA. So you can work without any worries, without any downtime

Robust Data SecurityRobust Data Security
Robust Data Security

GEP SMART uses the same datacenters that run many of the world's largest online and complex services with broad industry compliance, including ISO 27001 and SOC / SSAE 16 / SAS 70 Type II and within the United States, FISMA certification

Easy Deployment & IntegrationEasy Deployment & Integration
Easy Deployment & Integration

GEP SMART easily and seamlessly integrates with SAP, Oracle or any other ERP system. No more hardware costs and integration snarls – whether it is a single deployment or a large-scale implementation across the enterprise and regions

Worry-Free UpgradesRapid Scalability
Rapid Scalability

Flexible and scalable on demand, GEP SMART makes additional deployments quick and easy. Whether it’s a single system or hundreds of deployments across locations – GEP SMART lets you quickly scale up, based on your business needs

Optimized DesignOptimized Design
Optimized Design

Unlike other cloud applications that are migrated or adapted to work on the cloud, GEP SMART is built entirely on the cloud, optimizing server and data usage, minimizing infrastructure requirements and reducing overall operational costs

"GEP SMART is a true suite, encompassing spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, P2P and supplier management. Unlike other self-proclaimed procurement “suites” in the market that have one powerhouse module and only the most basic of capabilities in other modules, GEP's solution possesses extremely strong capabilities in each of these modules."

- Andrew Bartolini, Managing Partner & Chief Research Officer at Ardent Partners, CPO Rising