Procurement Software

Why A “Unified” Source-to-Pay Software Is the Fastest Route to Digital Transformation

With the demands on procurement becoming ever more urgent, CPOs in nearly all industries are coming around to the value of going digital. They are increasingly using sophisticated procurement software for a variety of source-to-pay processes to reduce errors, increase spend visibility, improve cycle times, get more spend under management and realize savings.

New Gartner Report Outlines Awesome Procurement Software

A new report from Gartner — “Critical Capabilities for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites” — lays out the essential capabilities of upstream procurement software and how software providers rate against them. And GEP, not surprisingly, is a clear winner.

Vision or Delusion: How Future Technology Varies From Present-Day Expectations

I like a museum, on the whole. A place where you can learn stuff and discover histories and ideas is always going to feature high on my list of “good things.” Being able to look at physical objects of historical significance is an oddly satisfying activity, more so than just reading about them or watching a TV show.

Amazon Lockers vs. Delivery Drones — Which One Makes Sense for the Future?

Amazon’s insatiable appetite to constantly push the envelope and create an exciting customer experience has led them to unprecedented outcomes and successes.

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