Spend Management Defined

In its broadest sense, the definition should be obvious to all: spend management is the management of spend. But that self-referential form of explanation is really of little help. More specifically, it can be thought of as the catch-all term for a set of techniques, processes and systems that can be deployed in an effort to bring spend under management.


There is no doubt that Procurement is on the move. While new requirements and higher expectations plague procurement teams, contemplating whether a large enterprise really needs Procurement software is probably as absurd as thinking about posting a letter instead of sending an email.

6 Ways Procurement Software Can Automate Your Procurement Processes

In today’s global businesses, procurement’s role has evolved from being just a tactical team focused on cost reduction to a strategic entity driving enterprise-wide value and delivering sustainable business results. To meet the inevitable rising expectations, procurement organizations must transform their legacy processes, practices and structures, and align them with the current needs of the enterprise.

When Source-to-Pay Becomes Touch-to-Save

The wider world of personal spend management is becoming easier, touchless, automatic and thus free from hassle and effort, while spend management in today’s complex global business remains a disjointed, disconnected set of systems, departments and decisions.

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