Treasure Hunt – Unlocking Hidden Opportunities With Procurement Software

I recently read a story about an elderly lady finding a long-lost diamond ring whilst digging her vegetable patch. At first glance this isn’t so unusual, we’ve all heard similar tales. In fact, it happened to my mother only last year (this is true by the way).

All You Need to Know About Dutch Auctions

When we look for hotels and flights, we tend to be more price driven than when buying, say, clothes or electronics. In procurement, the same factors affecting behavior are at work. For some categories, price is the most significant factor in sourcing. Sometimes price is the only consideration. When we seek to get the best out of a deal, sourcing strategy is key.  

Brooks Brothers Achieves Next-Level Source-to-Pay Performance with SMART by GEP

We recently spent some quality time with one of our customers and we talked about how procurement can make a difference in the way a business operates.

What was remarkable was the way in which they told us a few simple truths about the power of combining the right motivation with the right technology.


Before the middle of the 18th century, one of the most powerful nations in Europe, indeed the world, was Sweden. With a strong military and a sizable population of around 20 million, Sweden rivalled Great Britain and France in both reach and heft. Or so the Swedish authorities believed. Then, triggered by a significant economic downturn, in 1749 the Swedish authorities conducted their first comprehensive census to find out what their economy should look like and discovered, to their horror, that the population of the country totaled no more than 2 million. Less than 10 percent of previous estimates.

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