Welcome to the star-chip enterprise

Welcome to the star-chip enterprise… In what seemed at first like a slightly-delayed April 1st prank, the news recently was full of a story of a $100M research project into developing the first interstellar spacecraft. In the plural. Around a thousand of them. Each just a microchip weighing just a few grams.

Scrubbing up misunderstandings with specialized software applications

At the Qingyuan marathon in China’s Guangdong province last month, runners were given gift packages that included bars of fruit-scented soap.  As the packaging descriptions were written in English, many of the runners (who do not read the language) assumed the bars were edible because of the fruit imagery on the packages.

A Volcano of Data is Changing Procurement

A couple of years ago, I was in Italy and had the chance to trudge up the still-active Mount Vesuvius and walk through the ancient city of Pompeii which, along with its neighbor Herculaneum, had been buried in ash by Vesuvius’s volcanic eruption in 79 A.D. Thanks to technology, we’re still learning about that ancient land two millennia later.

Snookered by technology? There could be another way

It’s possible that only golf is a more unlikely TV sport than snooker. At least with snooker the production crew don’t have to cover seven or eight kilometres from four different directions. Snooker’s an unlikely TV sport because, frankly, not a lot happens and it can be interminably slow. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan, but if you were looking for an audience-drawing event today, you’d almost certainly not choose snooker.

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