All we want is more - but we’re not sure what for

For this blog contributor, the last couple of weeks have been crazy, not because of the travel with extended long weekends, but because of the apparent need for companies to adhere a little too strictly to their policy rule book.

When the Constant Is a Variable

Many aspects of driving involve variable ranges in the conditions of weather, traffic heaviness, the vehicle one is driving; but the presumed constant is the driver. The same could be said for procurement software in the sense that there are variable ranges for a host of conditions that dictate how best the procurement process should run at any given time.

Real Time Data

In the industry right now there is a buzz about real-time data analytics and the notion that large complex enterprises, perhaps yours amongst them, could take a quantum jump from a position where they have little insight as to what is going on, to one where every piece of intel is right at their fingertips 24/7.

The Trouble with Big Data

The growth of information that is stored (and yet remains retrievable) outpaces Moore's Law by a considerable factor and thus the promise of trawling the data for insight, value and intelligence becomes not just an enticing possibility but a technical challenge.

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