With yet another Summer of superhero action movies upon us, I find myself imagining a world where you could customize and configure your anatomy to make yourself bigger, faster, and stronger. Perhaps make yourself resistant to injury

WannaCry Malware Attack: An Eye-Opener for Businesses

The outbreak of the “WannaCry” malware attack on May 12, 2017 was an eye-opener for governments, public sector institutions, businesses and individuals around the globe. The scale, reach, pace of spread and impact of the attack was unlike any other cyber-attack before. This may only be the beginning and possibly a wakeup call for organizations and netizens across the globe.

Consumer-like Experience Isn’t Everything

Lately, it had become so hard to play music at home that I’d all but given up. It never used to be that way. There was a time when I could just go to the shelf, get a CD, put it in a machine and hit play. Oh, happy days! Today, technology allows you to organize your music library with functionalities like playlists, shuffling, “play songs that other people had heard”, group by genre, recently purchased, etc


In a perfect world, if we had access to an advanced project management technology that used algorithms to solve, analyze, estimate, track and report on extremely complex projects, imagine what that world would look like. If software could evaluate resources based on skillsets required for a given project, keep track and evaluate allocated budgets, analyze the project scope, measure estimates and timelines, foresee unknowns and provide a framework for project execution up to finalization, then that would be project management utopia.

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