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Transformation: Digital Procurement Transformation Is the CIO’s Business

Digital Procurement Transformation Is the CIO’s Business

We know, we know, you get it: Digital transformation is the wave that every enterprise leader is expected to be riding right now. Every business function is supposed to be leveraging digital technology to make itself more efficient, productive and profitable. Consequently, many of those business functions are knocking on IT’s door, requesting assistance and support as they wrestle with the transformational imperative.

We would argue that procurement should get priority from the CIO in the race toward digital transformation. Procurement just happens to be the perfect proving ground for IT to demonstrate its value as a digital transformation leader. The business case is a slam dunk.

How so, you ask? In this new INSIGHT IT article, Digital Procurement Transformation Is the CIO’s Business, we lay out the pertinent points of the argument for IT to focus on accelerating digital transformation of the procurement function.

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