Catalog maintenance

Make manual catalog maintenance a thing of the past for your procurement team – GEP SMART unified procurement software is designed to streamline and automate the catalog maintenance process and deliver the best user experience.

GEP SMART provides suppliers access to maintain, update and refresh their catalogs, and customize pricing and inventory for each and every buyer. It helps suppliers to deliver a familiar shopping experience which helps and encourages enterprise buyers. The cloud-native procurement platform also enables enterprises to establish catalog approval workflows to review and approve supplier catalog updates (with version and change control) before publishing for company-wide usage.

Suppliers can connect directly to GEP SMART not only for catalog management but to make use of a single portal for all interactions with their customers – and it’s completely free for suppliers. The multi-lingual, 24/5 supplier help desk is trained to address issues pertaining to catalog maintenance and provides suppliers with guidance for any questions or requests.

So, get in touch with us to learn how GEP SMART can streamline and automate your whole source-to-pay operation.

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