Punch-out catalogs

Punch-out catalogs in GEP SMARTTM make for an easy way for scores of suppliers to provide purchasing enterprises with tailored content, personalized shopping experiences, and timely updates. It eliminates the need for sellers to maintain manual catalogs for rapidly changing commodities and gives you the familiarity of a true consumer-like e-shopping experience.

Find a consolidated list of items from all supplier websites, external procurement applications or hosted e-procurement systems at one place — GEP SMART. Punch-out catalogs are easy to set up and maintain. For purchasing items which you can custom-configure and for customized products, punch-out catalogs connect you directly to the supplier.

GEP SMART’s experts have vast experience in establishing and configuring punch-outs. Punch-out catalogs from GEP SMART give you the flexibility to decide which items should feature from your supplier’s entire product range. Moreover, suppliers do not need to maintain multiple catalogs for different customers, especially when their goods and services are specifically configured for each client.

GEP SMART makes punch-out and all other catalog types accessible from one single workspace — users no longer need to remember where a particular catalog is located. GEP SMART’s guided buying process directs users to the best buying channel, whether that is a punch-out or an internal catalog. Moreover, punch-outs can also be configured to connect you directly to third-party marketplaces.

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