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Reduce the time, effort and paper used to create, manage and monitor contracts.
Boost contract utilization and compliance to transform negotiated terms into realized savings

Contract Management Software Solutions

In any strategic sourcing program, negotiating savings is just the beginning. Without effective contract compliance and utilization, savings can quickly start to erode. SMART by GEP® e-procurement software brings together procurement, legal, sales and other stakeholders across the contract life cycle in one intuitive, easy-to-deploy contract administration, management and compliance solution. SMART by GEP ensures that all the efforts that go into negotiating the optimal contract terms with suppliers, translate into actual, realized savings through a powerful supplier management system.

Author, collaborate and aggregate contracts in a central repository that supports performance and savings tracking, contract administration and compliance management.

Contract Management Software Solutions
Contract Management System Dashboard
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SMART by GEP provides full, enterprise-wide contract management capabilities — from original request through to long-term maintenance, monitoring and performance analysis. All the contract data flows fluidly throughout the contract life cycle, enabling smarter, faster work processes, and powering time- and labor-saving innovations, such as automatic document creation.

See What You Can Do

  • Migrate all your contracts easily from your existing ERP or contract management system
  • Digital Signature
    Speed up the contract approval and administration process with digital signatures
  • Microsoft-word
    Edit and review contracts easily with full Microsoft Word integration
Contract Management Demo
  • Add terms and conditions in a snap with clause libraries, pre-approved by your legal department
  • Digital Signature
    Simplify contract authoring with audit tracking and document version control
  • Microsoft-word
    Get 360-degree visibility of contract status across the enterprise with executive dashboards
SMART by GEP in Action
SMART by GEP  in Action
SMART by GEP  in Action


The end-to-end capabilities of SMART by GEP simplify the process of contract initiation, approval, negotiation and management. The result is a contract pipeline uncommonly free of common process bottlenecks, enabling you to execute and manage contracts more quickly, easily and effectively – and with increased compliance and better outcomes.

And because our contract management functionality is a native part of a larger, unified sourcing and procurement platform, SMART by GEP is uniquely capable of helping your team optimize compliance in any and every part of the purchasing cycle.

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Yes. SMART by GEP allows users complete control to every process of contract management – so you can author contracts, share them with stakeholders for review and redlining, and easily edit these contracts through Microsoft Word integration. SMART by GEP simplifies the entire contract authoring and creation process. The contract authoring tool allows you to copy existing contracts, add clauses from a clause library, include contract variables, and edit and store any changes you want. 

Yes. SMART by GEP can be used as an effective repository of all past and current contracts. Not just that, unlike other contract management systems, SMART by GEP is an intelligent contract management solution that informs you about the status of your contracts – about to expire, due for renewal, and so on. SMART by GEP gives you enterprise-wide contract intelligence, across categories and regions, to see which contracts are performing well, which ones need your attention.

Yes. SMART by GEP is a unified procurement platform and all its source-to-pay functions are seamlessly linked to each other. The platform can be used to host auctions, the winning bids can be automatically flipped to contracts, initiating contract management and supplier management processes.

SMART by GEP has comprehensive tracking and reporting functionalities that help boost contract compliance and contract utilization. Users can track purchase orders against the contract and report on price or other variances between contract and invoice. SMART by GEP can be used to analyze supplier performance to report delivery turnaround times — contracted versus actual. Other functions, including spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, supplier management and P2P help in identifying who is buying what, from where, from which suppliers, at what price, providing key insights into whether your contracts are being underutilized or even ignored by your buyers. 

Yes. Our team will help integrate your ERP system or legacy contract management system with SMART by GEP to help you migrate all your existing contracts.

Yes. Based on your requirements, we can work with you to create an interface through which, every contract made on SMART by GEP gets automatically captured on your ERP system. 

Yes. With SMART by GEP, contracts can be approved using digital signatures of authorized personnel, helping you reduce paperwork, improve process efficiency and speed up the Rfx-to-contract process. 

Every contract has multiple stakeholders on both, the buyer’s and the supplier’s side – SMART by GEP takes every stakeholder into account – the legal team, category management team and senior executives, among others. SMART by GEP allows collaborative editing, access control, redlining, check-out/check-in, version control, side-by-side comparison, approval routing and attorney review processes as a part of its contract management function. The same editing and reviewing functionalities are available to suppliers to make amends in contracts. Everything is recorded for full audit trail, with full logging and non-destructive editing. 

The contract documents are stored on the cloud platform in a central repository – accessible from anywhere. Every piece of business information on SMART by GEP, including your contracts, is safe and secure because the platform is built on industry-leading Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Only users with correct login credentials and business configurations have access to your data. State-of-the-art encryption, cryptography and database infrastructure ensure that your data is always secure, no matter where it resides, or is accessed. 

There is no limit to the number of contract documents you can create or store on the SMART by GEP procurement platform. 

SMART by GEP allows the contract owner and other users with the necessary rights to add notifications to a contract, such that specific groups of stakeholders receive the notification according to the status of milestone reached in the contract. There is no limit to the number of notifications or the number of recipients for each, thus different groups can receive different messages at different times. In this way the contract remains at the heart of the supplier relationship and maximizes utilization, compliance and realization of the savings planned for the contract.