Transform data into actionable intelligence

SMART by GEP enables effective decision-making with powerful, comprehensive data analytics and reporting capabilities for direct materials procurement

Procurement Data Analytics & Reporting

SMART by GEP provides a 360° view of direct procurement data across all levels of the supply chain by drawing from a central data lake – a confluence of data from disparate systems, functions and geographies. Cutting-edge analytical technologies power through heaps of structured and unstructured data, extracting actionable insights to support strategy and decision-making in a dynamic market landscape. 

Data-Driven, AI-Aided Decision-Making

No blind spots. No data inaccuracies. No data silos. SMART by GEP easily integrates with your existing ERP, F&A or any other back-office system to ensure that all your data is updated, accurate and synchronized. All your sourcing, procurement and spend data is available across the platform for multidimensional analysis and reporting. Use SMART by GEP’s procurement reporting dashboards to generate customized reports or choose from ready-to-use templates to get the insights you need for making informed and effective decisions.

The SMART by GEP Advantage

SMART by GEP delivers powerful data management, AI-powered procurement analytics and reporting capabilities to drive superior direct procurement performance:

  • Master Data Management: SMART by GEP has comprehensive supplier master and item master data management capabilities — data collection, normalization, error identification and rectification, consolidation, storage and distribution — making it easy to manage and share data across the enterprise.
  • Spend Analytics: As a comprehensive spend analysis platform, SMART by GEP curates direct procurement data from all your source systems to deliver rich, real-time insights along with granular, item-level visibility.
  • Savings Tracking: SMART by GEP ensures it is easy to track all your cost-saving projects by making all the information available real time in a single, intuitive interface. From ideation to execution to realization — with savings tracking SMART by GEP provides a life cycle view of all cost-saving activities by BOM, category, projects or SKUs.
  • Category and BOM Dashboards: SMART by GEP acts as a single-point reference for all category-related information, providing the visibility, decision-support and planning that category managers demand. From a single dashboard, you can review the performance of your key suppliers, monitor savings by project, sourcing event, BOM, category, region and more.

Procurement Data Analytics in Action

SMART by GEP features advanced procurement data analytics capabilities that enable users to perform sophisticated quantitative operations and draw actionable insights – and value – from data. 

Spend analytics on SMART by GEP gives you full visibility and complete control of spend data by leveraging artificial Intelligence-driven tools and algorithms built to process and accurately classify sizeable amounts of data. With SMART by GEP, you can:

  • Clean, validate, classify, normalize, analyze, report and enrich spend data
  • Get rid of duplication, limit exceptions and identify variance
  • Choose between multiple taxonomy standards, including industry-specific UNSPSC or SIC codes
  • Collate multi-language and multi-currency data from several sources
  • Track vendor-wise purchase activity and buying trends
  • Find new avenues to save, improve compliance, boost process efficiency and reduce supply chain risk