Top-quality materials make top-notch products

Streamline your direct materials sourcing and procurement processes to capitalize on time and cost efficiencies, minimize defect rates and boost brand value


A good product is only as “good” as its constituent raw materials. After all, what you put in is — for the most part — what you get out. But what equally matters is the way you source quality supplies and use them to manufacture your products.

SMART by GEP direct procurement software helps enterprises streamline quality management by enabling stringent control measures designed to meet key industry benchmarks. Apart from setting high production standards and generating quality outputs, the use of SMART by GEP fosters supplier collaboration, improves sourcing accuracy, reduces process errors, eliminates paperwork and greatly cuts costs.

One Platform, Many Functions

SMART by GEP seamlessly interfaces with all major ERP and legacy systems to offer users one unified platform for planning and quality management processes.

SMART by GEP’s quality management functionality features a comprehensive set of tools including:

  • Complaint Management for faster processing and troubleshooting of quality-specific issues
  • Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR) & Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) for managing the ordering and documentation of preliminary samples
  • Deviation Request for speedier approval or rejection of supplier waiver requests
  • Quality Audit Management for simplified vendor audits, self-assessments and document archiving
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) for easy setting of activities, resources, targets and deadlines during the product development process

SMART by GEP enables procurement quality control and management of all direct materials across multilevel, multidimensional BOMs on a single, unified workspace that seamlessly connects all plan-to-produce activities. Move from email chains and paper trails — collaborate effectively with suppliers, third-party inspectors, internal and external stakeholders using cloud-native tools for exchanging documents, requesting deviations, managing complaints and providing approvals.