Stay on top of your inventory

SMART by GEP’s inventory management functionality gives you complete visibility and control over your inventory to help optimize stock levels and prevent stockouts


SMART by GEP has been designed to cater to the demands of the most complex global supply chains. The platform manages inventory across the supply chain in real time, monitors stock levels and supplier performance, sends out restocking alerts, generates smart replenishment orders based on recommended or preset inventory levels, and forecasts demand, helping enterprises to optimize their inventory and minimize costs.

SMART by GEP’s direct materials inventory management functionality unifies the complete range of inventory management activities — requisition/replenishment, purchasing, packing, payments and shipment tracking, among others — into a single platform, ensuring seamless data and information flow for all involved.

End-to-End Visibility of Direct Materials Inventory

Wherever your inventory is — on-order, in transit, or in a warehouse — SMART by GEP can easily track it by combining updates from supply chain partners with real-time IoT data. It helps to:

  • Improve order accuracy and ETAs, minimizing “out-of-stock” situations
  • Improve lot and batch control
  • Analyze stock demand, how quickly it’s moving, etc.
  • Increase supply chain velocity
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Get actionable insights that help managers make informed decisions

Comprehensive Direct Materials Inventory Management Capabilities

SMART by GEP helps you manage all your inventory on a single platform — from creating unlimited tabs for product information, to live inventory tracking and sending low-stock alerts. The software helps to:

  • Manage inventory in internal stockrooms or with suppliers
  • Categorize products (as per expiry dates, usage trends, etc.)
  • Provide in-context analytics and insights
  • Audit your inventory with cycle counts, periodic or yearly
  • Create community benchmarks and insights
  • Generate stock enquiries

Improved Order Processing and Stockroom Management

SMART by GEP analyzes the reorder point (the number of units that should trigger a reorder), order quantity (the number of units to be reordered), and stock cover (the number of days to stock-out based on current inventory). Set minimum stock limits to trigger an automatic reorder and ensure there’s no stock-out, ever.

SMART by GEP lets you effectively manage non-inventoried requests alongside your stocked items. The platform’s auto-ordering capabilities help to process orders from approved suppliers efficiently and quickly, which minimizes stockouts. The software also helps you easily identify, respond to and process orders. What’s more, it helps requisitioners to shop from internal stockrooms and immediately find out if the product is available. You can manage stockrooms across various locations through a single interface.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

SMART by GEP supports Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) — it helps vendors to plan shipping and production dates in advance to minimize stock-out risks. You can set stock thresholds and notify vendors each time stocks fall below minimum inventory levels. SMART by GEP’s supplier simulation functionality also helps vendors see what impact different stock levels will have, which helps them plan more efficiently.