Game-changing procurement software

Bring more spend under management, boost compliance and savings, and minimize risk with the GEP SMARTTM unified source-to-pay platform for indirect materials


GEP SMART is a cloud-native, unified source-to-pay procurement software that delivers comprehensive spend, sourcing and procurement functionality for indirect materials.

GEP SMART is the first e-procurement software platform that's designed around how sourcing and procurement professionals really work, allowing you to switch fluidly between all related tasks — be it creating requisitions, hosting sourcing events, authoring new contracts, checking for supplier compliance, or managing invoices and payments. It streamlines all your indirect source-to-pay procurement processes and collates all the relevant information in one place to help you make informed spend management decisions.

All its powerful functionality is native in the unified platform — spend analytics, savings tracking, sourcing, contract management, supplier management, procure-to-pay (P2P) — which enables fluid information, process and workflow. Speed up your indirect procurement operations by automating your source-to-pay workflow processes, right from creating requisitions to sourcing, managing purchase orders, processing invoices and making payments.

Work on a touchscreen or a keyboard. No matter what you choose, GEP SMART indirect materials procurement software is easy to set up, deploy, learn and use, with no extensive training required or even recommended.

Why It Matters

Boost Adoption & Happiness

Boost Adoption & Happiness — Intuitive, easy-to-use tools flatten the learning curve, increasing adoption and compliance across the business, and sustaining use over the long term; no extensive or expensive retraining required or recommended

Better Economics

Better Economics — Best-in-class, cloud-native procurement management software, with no additional IT infrastructure, integration, personnel, support or maintenance costs. It works seamlessly with every major enterprise resource planning (ERP), and finance and accounting systems including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft to deliver unrivaled speed-to-value

Proven Best Practices

Proven Best Practices — Standardize on procurement process management best practices and workflows, field-tested across a wide range of industries, customer requirements and use cases that help your procurement team achieve tangible savings faster

Increase Savings

Increase Savings — The comprehensive functionality of GEP SMART’s sourcing and procurement management software enables realization of significant procurement savings, typically 25 to 40 percent higher. AI-based spend analytics help you get comprehensive spend visibility and identify additional savings opportunities

Keep Pace

Keep Pace — Leverage mobile, touch and cloud technologies to boost productivity, responsiveness and savings, and position your indirect procurement team better for continued change and rising expectations

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity — Enable your team to work flexibly on any computing device. GEP SMART is an efficient, easy-to-use digital workspace that streamlines and automates the entire purchase-to-pay process, helping procurement and supply managers drive greater savings and performance through a friendly and intuitive purchasing software to procure and manage their enterprise spend

World Procurement Award Winner - GEP SMART

What You Get

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Anywhere, Anytime Access — A procurement system that works on any internet-enabled device, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Work where you want, whenever you want

Type or Swipe on the Go

Type or Swipe on the Go — Optimized for mobile computing, GEP SMART is the first and only comprehensive source-to-pay software platform native to cloud, mobile and touch technologies, allowing you to manage all your procurement processes — from requisitions to payments — anytime, anywhere, from any device

All Functionality Native in One Unified Platform

All Functionality Native in One Unified Platform — Fluid information and workflow on one complete sourcing and purchasing software — including spend analysis, savings tracking, sourcing, contract management, supplier information and performance management, purchasing (procure-to-pay), and invoice management

Rich Knowledge Base

Rich Knowledge Base — Access and use the extensive sourcing and procurement knowledge base of GEP — industry's leading provider of indirect procurement services and software solutions — in field-tested, ready-to-use work and process flows, tools, templates, checklists and scorecards (inclusive of innovations such as category workbenches and three-click RFPs)

Platform Agnostic

Platform Agnostic — GEP SMART makes it easy to leverage your existing investments and infrastructure, because it works seamlessly with SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and all other major ERP, and finance and accounting systems

Superior Multilingual Capabilities

Superior Multilingual Capabilities — GEP SMART has extensive multilingual capabilities (all major European and Asian languages), now so critical for globally networked businesses and their complex purchase supply chains

Developed for the Cloud

Developed for the Cloud — Built entirely on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, our software as a service (SaaS)-based procurement management software is designed for fast, economical deployment and worry-free upgrades, without risk of implementation snarls, cost overruns, data security, and technical glitches

Superb Support and Service

Superb Support and Service — GEP has garnered wide recognition as perhaps the most customer-centric procurement software and services firm in the industry, focused on serving sourcing, procurement and supply chain pros