Invoice Management with SMART by GEP

Unlock the hidden potential of your accounts payable team by automating invoice management. Optimize working capital, enable greater savings and improve supplier relationships

Invoice Management

Eliminate invoicing complexity, strengthen supplier relationships, and drive higher savings with SMART by GEP invoice management. SMART by GEP intelligently automates invoice handling processes including validation, matching and reconciliation to deliver next-gen invoice management.

Enterprises can digitize existing paper invoices and feed them into the system. Suppliers can submit invoices through EDI connections or by using the SMART by GEP supplier portal. And unlike stand-alone invoice management systems, SMART by GEP is a unified source-to-pay platform that stores all your data in one place – from contracts to purchase orders to invoices and payments. This enables automatic capture of payment terms, improves cash flow and drives additional saving for the business through early payment discounts. The platform also helps procurement teams capitalize on dynamic discounting opportunities.

With SMART by GEP invoice management, enterprise procurement teams can improve cycle times, reduce paperwork and gain enterprise-wide visibility into outstanding payments. It reduces the burden on Accounts Payable and Finance teams – leaving only true exceptions requiring manual processing.

At each and every step through the invoicing lifecycle, SMART by GEP creates a robust audit trail, recording all relevant data to smooth the execution of audit processes and to ensure global invoicing compliance.

"The flexibility of the solutions is a real advantage for us because our sourcing initiative will continue to evolve and we believe that GEP's procurement technology can accommodate these changes."

- Vice President of Strategic Sourcing at Starwood Hotels and Resorts


Sourcing Dashboards for 360-Degree View eInvoicing

Reduce invoice processing cycle time and boost supplier participation while improving spend visibility and optimizing cash flow with SMART by GEP’s electronic invoice receipt management function

Seamless Sourcing & Contract Process Flow Exception Handling
Exception Handling

Maximize your invoice processing throughput with minimal input. Enable your buyers to resolve most of the issues that might cause an invoice exception before it even reaches your AP team