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Procure-to-Pay Software Solutions

Many enterprises fail to bring more spend under management and ensure compliance, despite having a procure-to-pay system in place. The reason? Poor user adoption.

SMART by GEP® provides full procure-to-pay (P2P) functionality — from item search to invoice matching and payment authorization — that is easy to use, easy to deploy, and proven effective.

Your buyers have quick, easy access to supplier catalogs, including hosted/contracted catalogs and punch-out/commercial catalogs. They can compare across different suppliers or lines, fill shopping carts and place easily trackable orders — just like a consumer shopping portal. The result? Higher adoption, increased spend under management and improved spend compliance along with all the benefits that they entail.

Procure-to-Pay Software
Procure-to-Pay Software Solutions


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SMART by GEP features comprehensive procure-to-pay functionality, covering the entire purchasing process — from requisition to approval, automated three-way matching to exception handling, supplier communication and relationship management, receiving, payment, and reporting. Easy to use and easy to deploy, SMART by GEP can be implemented rapidly across multiple business units, with minimal or no training required for any level of user.

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See What You Can Do

  • Automate & Improve Dowstream Processes
    Automate all downstream processes, reducing processing time, effort, errors and paperwork
  • Identify Spending Category & Savings Opportunities
    Analyze spending patterns by category, supplier or geography and identify untapped savings opportunities
  • Easy Flipping Auctions-to-Requisitions
    “Flip” completed auctions and other sourcing events directly into requisitions with just a few clicks
Procure to Pay Demo
  • Flip items to sourcing
    Send requests for large quantities or high-priced items for bidding and flip them into tactical sourcing events
  • Multiple Partial or Full Receipts
    Configure goods received by commodity, create partial or full receipts, with multiple drop-off and match options
  • Robust Audit Log for Historic Data
    Create a robust audit log, recording all relevant data through the entire invoicing lifecycle
SMART by GEP in Action
SMART by GEP  in Action
SMART by GEP  in Action


SMART by GEP boosts control, compliance and process efficiency, and slashes paperwork, processing errors and costs – all with minimal learning curve disruption. So from order to invoice, your procurement operations will achieve greater efficiencies, gain valuable insights into spending patterns, and save more time and money.

More than just purchase-to-pay automation, whereby purchase requisitions are turned into purchase orders on approval and are sent to a supplier for fulfillment, SMART by GEP manages the validation, invoice matching and reconciliation processes necessary for the accounts payable team, leaving only true exceptions to be processed manually.

SMART by GEP is a unified procurement platform, so the P2P tools are not some standalone system divorced from the rest of the procurement chain. SMART by GEP lets you track your savings from opportunity identification, through sourcing, contracting and on to order processes. The built-in business intelligence gives you the power to oversee the entire source-to-pay cycle, maximizing your realized savings.

SMART by GEP – Unified Procurement Platform


SMART by GEP P2P software simplifies purchase requisitions and approvals. Low-risk, low-value, catalog-based purchase requisitions can be directly forwarded by the P2P system to pre-approved suppliers. Other purchase requests may be sent to designated personnel for approvals. Approval workflows are completely configurable with serial, parallel and pool approvers and automatic approvals determined by any combination of variables.  The entire process is done electronically, resulting in reduced paperwork, faster approvals and quicker purchases.

Yes. All purchase orders — open as well as fulfilled — created in SMART by GEP can be tracked at every stage, irrespective of whether it has a purchase requisition attached to it or not. Using interactive dashboards, users can know the status of current and due purchase orders in a single view. 

Yes. SMART by GEP helps you manage invoices more efficiently. It is capable of performing multi-way invoice matching, resolving issues that might cause invoice exception and effectively handling price or quantity changes through change-invoice and change-order processes before the invoice reaches your accounts payable desk. Not just that, the form and composition of invoice does not affect the process – so whether the invoice is submitted without an order, or on paper, or via email, SMART by GEP is equipped to handle it.

Yes. SMART by GEP is a comprehensive procurement platform that enables automation and effective handling of the entire source-to-pay process, including supplier relationship management to mediate poor performance and proactively improve relations. With SMART by GEP, users can build effective governance structures, use the right supplier engagement model, and engage in a number of focused, joint activities. It also helps you define actions plans, assign the stakeholders and measure the results for all your supplier engagements. 

SMART by GEP is more than just a P2P system – it is a complete, unified, source-to-pay procurement platform and P2P is an integral part of it. With SMART by GEP enterprises can streamline and automate the complete S2P process including spend management, sourcing, contract management, supplier management, P2P, savings tracking and much more. And, unlike standalone P2P systems, with SMART by GEP, every process is interlinked to each other allowing optimal workflow and seamless automation.

Orders raised in SMART by GEP can be amended, withdrawn or otherwise changed according to the business rules that you wish to employ.  SMART by GEP is fully configurable to reflect how your company operates and thus your policies and procedures can be full incorporated into the software.  GEP’s procurement experts are also on hand to help you define best practice policies from the ground up.

In SMART by GEP, rights and permissions can be controlled for each user and users can be permitted or restricted from preparing or approving purchase requests. You can configure the requisition approval hierarchy according to your organizational structure, and reconfigure it as your organization changes and evolves. 

Yes. Although it is usually best practice to engage with pre-approved vendors to reduce maverick spending, a requisition can be created through SMART by GEP to engage with independent vendors. Such requests may then be passed through an approval hierarchy before being processed.  Such requisitions can also be “sent for bidding” at any point so an ad-hoc request can be competitively sourced for best results

In the case that an approver does not approve or reject a requisition within a pre-defined timeframe, system generated reminder notifications are sent to the approver. If these notifications do not result in a response, the requestor can either withdraw and cancel the requisition, manually change the approver and resubmit the requisition or SMART by GEP can be configured to re-route approvals to other members of that approval pool.

Yes. Just as SMART by GEP allows configuring approvals based on value, category, geography and business unit; workflows too can be made hierarchical, parallel or pool. These workflows can be applied to purchase requisitions, purchase orders or both and be made to vary depending on what fits best for the enterprise.