Procurement Portal – Guide. Inform. Personalize

A new step-forward in collaboration between Procurement, Purchasing and Suppliers

Procurement Portal

The GEP SMARTTM Procurement Portal is the collaborative space for all stakeholders involved in the source-to-pay process.

From Guided Buying  which ensures your requestors can find the right goods and services, first time, every time  to a comprehensive document repository, GEP SMART becomes the hub of collaboration across the enterprise.

And you can have it your way.   With the power to tailor the Guided Buying process, you can ensure the business maximizes use of your preferred purchasing channels, not only by buying through GEP SMART but even through other software systems.

Procure-to-Pay System
  • Intuitive

  • Comprehensive

  • Mobile

  • Cloud-native

  • Best-in-class

  • Powerful

  • Game-changing


GEP is here to help. We can assist in configuring your procurement portal to exactly how you need it. Or you can take charge of tailoring the content and the processes yourself with GEP at your shoulder to support you.

"GEP SMART was built in a way that facilitates seamless interaction among requisitions, purchasing, and payables."

- PayStream Advisors

See What You Can Do

  • Automate & Improve Dowstream Processes
    Automate all downstream processes, reducing processing time, effort, errors and paperwork
  • Identify Spending Category & Savings Opportunities
    Analyze spending patterns by category, supplier or geography and identify untapped savings opportunities
  • Easy Flipping Auctions-to-Requisitions
    “Flip” completed auctions and other sourcing events directly into requisitions with just a few clicks
Watch an intelligent and intuitive Procure-to-Pay Software Demo
  • Flip items to sourcing
    Send requests for large quantities or high-priced items for bidding and flip them into tactical sourcing events
  • Multiple Partial or Full Receipts
    Configure goods received by commodity, create partial or full receipts, with multiple drop-off and match options
  • Robust Audit Log for Historic Data
    Create a robust audit log, recording all relevant data through the entire invoicing lifecycle
GEP SMART in Action
GEP SMART  in Action
GEP SMART  in Action


GEP SMART boosts control, compliance and process efficiency, and slashes paperwork, processing errors and costs – all with minimal learning curve disruption. So from order to invoice, your procurement operations will achieve greater efficiencies, gain valuable insights into spending patterns, and save more time and money.

More than just purchase-to-pay automation, whereby purchase requisitions are turned into purchase orders on approval and are sent to a supplier for fulfillment, GEP SMART manages the validation, invoice matching and reconciliation processes necessary for the accounts payable team, leaving only true exceptions to be processed manually.

GEP SMART is a unified procurement platform, so the P2P tools are not some standalone system divorced from the rest of the procurement chain. GEP SMART lets you track your savings from opportunity identification, through sourcing, contracting and on to order processes. The built-in business intelligence gives you the power to oversee the entire source-to-pay cycle, maximizing your realized savings.