Sourcing Repository

In the past, when RFP and supplier submissions were all carried out in documents and spreadsheets, each event in each wave was, of course, in complete isolation. All too often, your suppliers would be answering the same questions time and again in your RFP questionnaires. And you would be creating new RFPs using the same or similar questions that have been asked before.

Often, it takes longer to sort through hundreds of spreadsheets to find those old questionnaires than to recreate them from scratch. GEP SMART removes that problem at a stroke. Every RFX you create is there, online, in one central repository that you can access anytime, anywhere. You can build a library of best-practice templates, by category, region, or by business, and turn successful RFPs into templates for future use.

But that’s not all. Every time you create a new questionnaire, you can save it in the repository so that you, or a colleague, can pull it from the repository whenever required. What if you need a slightly different version of the same questionnaire? No problem. Pull it from the repository and just edit what you need to change for that specific event. It’s really that easy.

In short, you only need to create anything once in GEP SMART. No need to reinvent the wheel when everything is at your fingertips.

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Spend Analysis ToolMulti-System Integration
Multi-System Integration

GEP SMART  integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise systems — ERPs, SRMs or sourcing tools — to create new supplier records and update transactions. Supplier master data is validated and cleansed automatically while loading.

Savings Tracking ToolData Integrity
Data Integrity

GEP SMART ’s Supplier Master Data Management tool automatically aggregates, cleans and normalizes supplier data records. It then compares the supplier master data to GEP SMART s Vendor Master for verification and quality assurance.

Sourcing ToolIterative Processing
Iterative Processing

Supplier MDM processes data in batch and real-time cadences. Real-time services execute at point of entry, record creation and updates. Batch services execute against existing supplier records during migration and initial integration.

Contract Management ToolWorkflow & Administration
Workflow & Administration

Review actions taken by the Supplier MDM tool ensure enterprises have a single, trusted source of truth for all supplier data. Users can centrally govern master data using configurable business rules, enabled processes and workflows.

Supplier management ToolVendor Master
Vendor Master

GEP SMART ’s vendor master acts as a trustworthy primary source for the master data records of every supplier in the enterprise. This ensures that the supplier risk and performance modules are consistently stocked with accurate vendor data.

Purchasing ToolLive Supplier Record
Live Supplier Record

Supplier MDM removes, duplicates and enriches records with verified updates, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data. It also provides holistic visibility into supplier history and performance across operating units, time, and geography.