Easy Supplier Registration and Updates Functionality

SMART by GEP has comprehensive and flexible forms capabilities that allow you to structure and capture supplier data in a manner that best suits your business needs. Easy-to-create, customized forms allow you to decide how suppliers register to deal with you in the first place. You determine the questions and form structure, with the option of having additional forms for completion, depending upon the supplier’s response to a particular question in the supplier registration form.

For example: Do you have a social responsibility program? Yes or No. If the answer is yes, the supplier can be taken to the social responsibility questionnaire. Once a supplier is registered, you can decide what part of their profile they are responsible for maintaining in SMART by GEP. You can easily and quickly publish additional questionnaires and surveys to your suppliers at any time.

More often than not, your RFPs contain standard sets of questions related to basic supplier capabilities and information. SMART by GEP allows you to capture that information in advance against the supplier record, so you can speed up the documentation at the RFP stage, freeing up your team to evaluate only the vital procurement matters and giving your suppliers a simple, straightforward process to submit their best offers. Your suppliers would be able to participate in RFIs, RFPs, and other sourcing events, quickly and easily — and suppliers tend to give the best deals to customers who are easiest to work with.

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