Supplier Master Data Management Software

SMART by GEP represents a step-change in vendor master data management. Procurement organizations across the world face a typical challenge — how to make sense of all the supplier records, across all the different systems in the organization. Duplicate entries get out of sync, data expires and is neither renewed nor refreshed, and the number of supplier records and live accounts expands far beyond the number of vendors you are actually dealing with.
With comprehensive supplier master data management capabilities, including data collection, normalization, error detection and correction, consolidation, data storage and distribution, SMART by GEP makes it easy to manage and share your supplier data across the enterprise. 
SMART by GEP takes control of all your vendor data. You have just one supplier database for all your procurement functions – planning, sourcing, contracting, managing and purchasing. But not just that – SMART by GEP allows you to easily share that data with other departments and their technology systems.
SMART by GEP can be integrated with your ERP, accounts payable and other back office systems to ensure that all your supplier data is synchronized, updated and correct. SMART by GEP contains a superset of all the information related to each supplier, whereas your AP and ERP can only handle a limited number of fields. With SMART by GEP, managing your supplier master data, and regularly updating and maintaining the co-existent systems is easy and automatic.

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