Pac Registration 2017

The GEP Product Advisory Council is our invitation-only conference for customers who use SMART by GEP.

Representing a broad base of industry sectors and a wide range of functional software usage models, the Product Advisory Council is a consultative and collaborative group at the leading edge of procurement software development and design.

The PAC Conference, creates an environment and mechanism within which our customers can share experiences, best practices and requirements and in return gain insights and influence in the ongoing development of SMART by GEP.

Now in its third year the PAC in 2017 reflected the success of the SMART by GEP with a doubling in the number of companies represented at the conference. This year’s agenda focused on best practices and the sharing of methodologies for success, with a number of our customers leading individual discussion sessions.

The collaborative roundtables and open, friendly conversations made for a hugely successful conference and the whole GEP would like to echo our CEO’s message to the delegates: thank you, thank you, thank you!